Apple's iOS 9 could infuse new life into older iPhones and iPads

Apple's iOS 9 could infuse new life into older iPhones and iPads

According to a report by 9to5Mac, Apple’s next-generation operating system, the iOS 9, will focus strongly on bug fixing and stability improvements for both mobile devices and PCs.

Apple is also said to be working on improving iOS support for older devices – including those that aren’t even necessarily on sale anymore. According to the Techcrunch web site, the iOS 9 will feature a new optimization method that will support older hardware in a better way, including the iPad mini and the iPhone 4S.

Apple usually extends newer OS compatibility to only a few generations prior to current shipping model and has generally received flak for not making them work with older iPhones and iPads. Other than performance issues, Apple typically disables most demanding functions of new software updates on older models causing a haphazard and dissatisfying user experience.

But this time around, Apple is focusing specifically on performance efficiency for older devices running iOS 9, with an effective core app and then features added as they go, provided they don’t impede the quality of the overall OS user experience.

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