Amazon announces new Kindle Paperwhite with a higher resolution

Amazon has today announced its next version of Kindle Paperwhite. The e-reader will have a high resolution e-ink display and cost around $119 or Rs. 7700 for Wi-Fi variant with advertisements. Wi-Fi and 3G variant will be priced at $189 or Rs. 12200. The company has begun taking preorders for the product and the same will start shipping from June 30. This new Paperwhite will have the same resolution as high end flagship Kindle Voyage. For the extras, Kindle Voyage consists of an adaptive front-light, a screen flush with bezels and independent touch controls on the side to turn the pages, all of which is not available in new Kindle Paperwhite.

There is a new font called Bookerly on offer as well as Amazon's new typesetting engine is supported by the next generation Paperwhite. According to Amazon, this new typesetting engine gives the author the command to present the words in the way they like. Moreover, the new device would have improved character spacing, addition of hyphenation, justification, kerning, ligatures, drop cap support, best-in-class typography making reading faster with lesser eyestrain. There will also be layout adjustment done automatically at large font sizes as well.

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