Gift your father a health buddy – a Timex time and fitness tracker, to keep him fit!

Gift your father a health buddy – a Timex time and fitness tracker, to keep him fit!
Father's Day gift is a great way to make your dad feel special and you must be wondering what to gift him this year? With the hectic lifestyles that our fathers lead everyday, health is a major concern. This is leading to a lot of stress and the lack of physical activity just adds to the problem. They need something to motivate them to go out or help them track physical activities. Thus helping them keep fit will any day be the perfect gift rather than the usual  mugs! So gift your Dad the joy of being fit!

Keeping this in mind, Timex has in store for your dad's new fitness activity trackers - Ironman Move X20 and a GPS sports watch Ironman Run X20. What makes it more attractive as a Father’s Day gift is that these activity trackers will not only focus on your dad’s fitness but also help him keep track of his time wherever he goes!

Does your dad worry about losing out on important texts/calls while working out? Gift him Timex Ironman Move x20 (Rs. 8,995), an all-day activity tracker that captures all-day activities including steps, distance and calories burned apart from helping your dad stay on top of texts and calls. It also records total sleep time and the hours/minutes of light sleep and deep sleep assisting your dad in understanding his sleep patterns better. He would no longer skip his work out sessions as the watch works seamlessly with both iOS and Android smartphones. If his old sports watch is not as comfortable while running, you could gift him Timex Ironman Run x20 GPS (Rs. 11,995) a GPS sports watch which is more comfortable and easy-to-use than his favorite sports watch! It entails the advantage of a GPS technology that provides real-time distance, pace, speed and calories burned while running, enabling him to go for long runs without worrying about his whereabouts!

You can buy Timex Ironman Run x20 GPS watch in magenta color here:

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