PlacPic, an App to discover and map the world through pictures, now available in iOS and Android market

PlacPic, an App to discover and map the world through pictures, now available in IOS and Android market
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India: When you search for say Agra in images, all you get is mostly pictures of Taj. Well, there are numerous other places of delight in Agra itself and the same goes for every place in the world.  Mostly we find images of tourist attractions, but there are places like natural and man-made delights to hangouts, alma mater to the street right outside your house. People always search for places that they know of but are mostly disappointed not to find them. Well, if you don’t find a place, add one. Because every place picture tells you a story with a very personal and individual memory attached to it.

Introducing PlacPic, a first of its kind website and App (Android and iOS) that makes you browse or add any place you know with exact location. Add a place through a picture with your own copyright. PlacPic App is very easy to use and currently available world-wide in 5 languages (English, French, Portuguese, German and Spanish).

PlacPic in its current version offers you to Search & Explore the existing place pictures with map across 21 categories, quality intent and share facility for every place picture, intent to show if you have been to or want to go to a place and find nearby places from your current location along with approximate distance (Explore). You may Add/introduce places from your camera or picture gallery with description, tags and build your own traveller profile, earn points, be followed or follow others.

PlacPic is available FREE

In a short time PlacPic has thousands of places added by users; with approximately 2000 app downloads while building a qualitative user base. PlacPic is constantly going through innovations and will soon be going to be a start to finish and beyond experience keeping every need of a traveller.

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PlacPic is designed and developed by PlacPic Web based in Mumbai, headed by Shreedatt Dash , a National Institute of Design (NID, Ahmadabad) graduate and travel enthusiast. It is a free app that can be downloaded from the App store and Google Play Store. 

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