Teewe 2 Streaming Stick Review - Does its job well

Teewe 2 Streaming Stick Review - Does its job well

These days everyone wants to stream media content off their portable devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops to watch them on their modern state-of-the-art large sized LCD and LED TV's. While there are a number of foreign vendors like Google and Roku selling such casting or streaming sticks in the market, Indian brands have still not forayed into this zone completely except for a company called Mango Man. Teewe 2 is their second streaming stick in the Indian market and today we are going to do its review, which boastfully mentions on its box, 'India's Favorite Streaming Stick.' Let us find out if that truly is the case by doing a short review.

A few days back, Teewe launched its app on the Windows Phone store and you can have a look at that news here:

You can buy Teewe 2 Streaming Stick here:

Lets start by taking a look at the specifications of the device.

Teewe 2 Streaming Stick Specifications

The device in itself is a complete CPU with a Dual Core ARM Cortex A9 Processor with a Quad Core GPU for High Performance, 1.6+ GHz and 1GB of DDR 3 RAM. Works with any TV with an HDMI Port and needs a Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n connection to stream.

Output: HDMI
Max. Output Video Resolution: 1080p
Wireless Standards: 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi 2.4GHz
Power: USB (USB cable and power adapter included)
Plugs into TV directly and powered from wall outlet or TV USB port

What's new in Teewe 2

- Teewe team is known for their rapid product iterations based on Consumer Feedback. They keep on adding new features and enhancing the Teewe experience for existing and new users alike through periodic software upgrades. However, at Teewe, improvements are not limited to just software. Teewe is seeing one of the fastest iterations in the hardware product industry.

- Within 10 months and after 10,000+ households choosing Teewe as their preferred means of entertainment, Teewe device is getting a reboot.

- Teewe 2.0 is 30% smaller. This means it will fit in those tricky, hard-to reach HDMI ports behind your wall mounted TV. Just in case, an HDMI extender is still included.

- The Wi-Fi chip has received a premium upgrade along with the internal antenna. This means far less disconnections and now Teewe device is more receptive of local Wi-Fi fluctuations.

- Premium content from Eros Now with over 1,00,000 hours of new and old media including Bollywood movies, songs and TV shows.

- Improved power adapter with detachable USB cord. The new power adapter is far more resilient to power fluctuations resulting in better experience and longer device life. The detachable cable allows you to draw power from your TV USB port itself.

- Quad core GPU upgrade means Teewe plays all your HD videos without any lag or stutter.


Teewe 2 gets delivered in a normal sliding type cardboard box. The following are the contents of the box:
Teewe device - Black plastic body with 'Teewe' etched on it
HDMI extension cable for those hard to reach spots behind the television
Power cable - (USB to micro-USB) for powering up Teewe device
Power adapter - In case no available USB slots are available
User guide manual - Information on getting started and help

The neat thing about the box is that they have provided a foamed cushion around the streaming stick thus preventing it from harsh damages if the box falls or while in transit.

Teewe 2 Streaming Stick Review - Does its job well

Design and Build Quality

Teewe 2 streaming stick is a very lightweight device with the looks of a pen drive in larger proportions. On the top of the device, the label 'teewe' along with the logo is imprinted. Knocking our fingernails on the chassis, we find that its made of plastic on all sides. The plastic is of moderate quality and the device won't get smudged with fingerprints. One thing you will immediately notice is that the device is filled with tiny holes all around, maybe to dissipate heat. We haven't got our hands on any streaming devices as yet so do not know if this is the case with other brands too or is this just a design language employed by Mango Man. There is a microUSB connector as well as a hole that reads REC below it. We would have to see what this does or if its an indicator light. The HDMI connector on the device, that connects to the HDMI port on your television is chrome plated and the good thing is that they have provided a plastic cover for the HDMI connector to save it from bruises and scratches.

Teewe 2 Streaming Stick Review - Does its job well
Teewe 2 Streaming Stick Review - Does its job well
Teewe 2 Streaming Stick Review - Does its job well
Teewe 2 Streaming Stick Review - Does its job well

How to Setup and Use

As the box mentions, here are the key points how to set up the device.

1. Plug the streaming stick into the HDMI port on your television.
2. Use the power cable to power up the Teewe device either using the power adapter or through a USB port on your television.
3. Download Teewe app on your smartphone or tablet. It is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Desktop apps as well as Google Chrome extension is available too.
4. Follow on screen instructions on your smartphone. Teewe streaming stick creates a Wi-Fi connection which you need to select on your smartphone/tablet initially and then later as the app will show you, you need to connect to your home Wi-Fi network again.
4. Start streaming media from the Teewe app to your television.

Performance and Ease of Use

The device plays media content available on the app as well as your device without any hassles with just a single click. Youtube content is available too and there are no latency issues as such. It supports various formats and works in different resolutions. Teewe 2 performs well but it does start to show some lag when streaming Full HD videos, however we would blame that on our Wi-Fi connection rather than the stick itself. The app is simple and easy to use as well and you won't need brains of a scientist to work out what to do with it.


4 stars out of 5

Bottomline and Verdict

Teewe 2 is less expensive as compared to Google Chromecast or other sticks and is as useful and sometimes even better than these. Hence, if you are in the market looking for a local branded streaming stick, you can definitely have a look at Teewe 2, you won't be disappointed, it really has the power to be India's favourite streaming stick as mentioned on the box.


  1. Hi Anant! Thanks for the review. Should you have any further questions regarding the device, please reach out to me at press@teewe.in. Thanks again for your support! If your readers are interested in knowing more about Teewe 2, they can visit www.teewe.in. Cheers

    1. No worries Chandrika! Thanks for getting in touch.


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