5 amazing features of Apple Watch

5 amazing features of Apple Watch
Even though Apple Watch has received a lukewarm response in terms of sales across the markets it has been released in so far, still we find that there a few amazing features to be found on it. These features augment the smartwatch experience and make it refreshing to use. We do not have an idea whether these features are available on Android Wear watches as well but in all surety, they definitely are present on the Apple Watch. We recently purchased an Apple Watch even though its not available in India as yet and have been able to play around with it a bit. A full hands on review will be posted in the days to come but till then lets check out these amazing features.

1. Ability to ping iPhone from the watch in case the phone is misplaced

Apple Watch provides a utility whereby you can ping your iPhone along with activating its flashlight by clicking on a button. You just need to swipe up from the bottom on the watch face which shows glances view, then swipe to the extreme left. There you'll find a button which you can press to ping your iPhone. The phone rings and thus helps you to locate it. In case you also wish the flashlight to go on, you need to long press the button on the Apple Watch.

5 amazing features of Apple Watch

2. A small alert indicator on top of the watch face to indicate you have notifications pending to be seen

Well, even an iPhone lacks this feature. It does not indicate anywhere that you have notifications pending to be seen, but in the case of an Apple Watch, if there are one or more notifications present that are still to be seen by you, it shows a small red indicator at the top of the watch face. This comes in very handy in case you come to check the time and immediately end up catching an important notification that you may have missed earlier.

5 amazing features of Apple Watch

3. Ability to make, receive or reject calls from the watch along with talking on the watch itself

In case you do not wish to take out your iPhone from your pocket and still wish to make, receive or reject a call, you can do so easily with the Apple Watch. The smartwatch presents a simple interface that can be utilised for calling scenarios. The microphone and speaker are clear as well as reasonably audible. Though we do not advise any kind of distraction during driving, this can be a handy tool to call at the time you are at the steering wheel and in all cases, is much safer than looking at the phone.

5 amazing features of Apple Watch

4. Extremely easy switching of Apple Watch straps

Apple does do some things extremely concise and beautifully. Changing straps on an Apple Watch is a cakewalk provided you have been able to lay your hands on a few new ones. With 3rd party bands and straps inevitably foraying into the store shelves, Apple has done a great job in this aspect of its hardware design. The straps available on Apple store are still costly and you would need to wait for third party support to come in. To change a strap, you just need to press a small button on the chassis of the watch using your fingernail and slide out the strap to either side. To put in a new strap, simply slide it into the groove and it would click right into place.  

5. Discrete control over the amount of notifications as well as the type of notifications to be received on Apple Watch

As you might have guessed, an Apple Watch comes with a partner app on the iPhone through which various aspects of the watch can be controlled. This app allows the user to provide discrete control over the amount of as well as the type of notifications that he or she wishes to see. You have the options of either mirroring the phone or to set custom alerts. Custom alerts allow you to control specific elements of notifications along with the ability to specify whether you want just sound or just taptic feedback or both whenever you receive a notification. This can be done on a per app basis for all those apps which have already been ported to the Apple Watch. For all other apps, you can enable or disable notifications completely. And above all, all this is independent of the way you wish to see notifications on your iPhone.

5 amazing features of Apple Watch

So these are 5 of the amazing features on an Apple Watch. Though there are many more to add to the list, we have only listed 5 of those which we think will enhance user experience. You can leave down your comments, opinions and suggestions below to tell us what you think of the Apple Watch, what its amazing features are and how do you think it would fare in the market in the days and weeks to come. You can also let us know if you need any kind of help regarding the Apple Watch and we would definitely try and respond to your queries.

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