5 best free Data Recovery Tools

Data recovery tools can help you recover or undelete accidentally deleted files from your computer. Files that are deleted are mostly still present on the hard drive and can thus be recovered by these programs. There are tonnes of free and paid software available to recover your data but we are listing 5 of the best free tools that will help you get back that data you have deleted or misplaced. You can use any of these freeware tools to get back your important data.

1. Recuva

Recuva is easily the best data recovery tool available which is the easiest to use and offers a wide variety of advanced features. It can recover files from internal hard disks, external hard drives, pen drives, memory cards, discs and even your iPod. It is available for almost all versions of Windows. The thing that makes Recuva stand out from other recovery tools is its ease of use and that's the sole reason we have entered it into our list.

2. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

EaseUS is another easy to use data undelete tool. The user interface is structured properly and looks much like the Windows Explorer. This makes the wizard comfortable to be used by most people. You can use this recovery tool to recover data from hard disks, optical drives, memory cards and other storage devices that can be hooked to Windows. It can also do partition recovery which many other tools cannot boast of. It supports Mac too but the free version limits to recover 1 GB of data before you need to upgrade. Still it makes it into our list due to its Windows like user interface and partition recovery options.

5 best free Data Recovery Tools

3. FreeUndelete

As the name suggests, FreeUndelete is free and it undeletes. It is a great recovery tool with its easy to use interface and a pretty well organised folder list view making it simple to recover lost files. FreeUndelete also recovers from all kinds of storage devices like hard drives and memory cards among others. Its available for free for Windows platform.

5 best free Data Recovery Tools

4. PhotoRec

PhotoRec is a great recovery tool provided you are comfortable with UNIX like command line interfaces. It follows a multiple step recovery process. The only major hassle is that it recovers files like a batch and its very difficult to pinpoint single files. It can recover from hard disks, optical drives, memory cards and other attached storage devices. This software is cross platform and works across Windows, Mac and Linux. We add it to our list for it provides the versatility of a command line interface along with being cross platform. It is downloaded as a part of TestDisk software and you'll need to locate the file "photorec_win" to start the Windows PhotoRec software.

5 best free Data Recovery Tools

5. Undelete Plus

Undelete Plus used to be a paid recovery tool but as of now is available for free. This is a Windows based tool and works on both NTFS and FAT file systems. It works on a probability mechanism based on how damaged a file is. The various options include sorting files by kind, setting filters based on time of creating or file size to avoid sifting through all available files. Folder structures remain unaltered while performing recovery. We include this in our list of best free data recovery tools for the amount of versatility and dig down options it provides.

5 best free Data Recovery Tools

That marks an end to our list of 5 best free data recovery tools. We all need a data recovery tool one time or the other. We are fans of the Recuva software mentioned above and have used it quite a lot. Do let us know what data recovery tools you use and if they are present in the list above. Also let us know why you like the same so that we may give them a try and include them in our next list.

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