5 best free Download Managers

Download managers help users to keep a check on all their downloads with the added advantage of being able to pause and restart them at will. Although with the dramatic increase in Internet download speeds, people are now moving over to streaming their content from the cloud rather than downloading huge chunk of files on their systems but still there are many who like to dump each and every file they can lay their hands on on their system. Internet download managers provide extra features like splitting large files into small separate partitions for faster download. Moreover they help to see and organise all downloads under a single portal rather than having to juggle at variety of folders. Today we are enlisting 5 best free download managers.

1. Download Accelerator Plus

This tool locates the same file on multiple servers thereby finding the fastest route to your required file. The file is requested from multiple sources at the same time. This download manager comes in most handy when searching for common files that have a high probability of being found in multiple locations like anti virus software and executable files. It also houses an FTP protocol which can help you access, download or upload files from a web server. A Private Disk function is another feature that can keep your data safe and secure.

5 best free Download Managers

2. Free Download Manager

Free Download Manager brings the best of two worlds, regular download managers and torrent downloading tools. It can download from regular web based protocols like http and ftp and at the same time start downloads from torrent network. Recently canceled downloads can be resumed as well. It also has the options to convert audio and video files into various formats.

5 best free Download Managers

3. JDownloader2 Beta

JDownloader2 Beta has an added ability to download files from one click sharing sites like Rapidshare and Mediafire apart from downloading from regular websites. It supports formats provided by these one-click hosts which many other download managers find incompatible to deal with. Downloaded files can be moved into specific folders based on their filename through workflow automation. This program is still in beta and some functionality may or may not work but the best part about this manager is that it allows for proper organisation of downloaded files and does not throw them just about anywhere.

5 best free Download Managers

4. Orbit Downloader

Orbit Downloader can download files like music, videos, games etc. from many sites like Youtube, Pandora and even one-click hosts like Rapidshare. Downloading is easy and fast due to its peer-to-peer sharing capabilities allowing an end user to utilise bandwidth of other people lying on the network.

5 best free Download Managers

5. Freemake Video Downloader

Freemake Video Downloader is basically a video download manager that can download videos from a multitude of websites and then convert them into various file formats. Firefox users can even download Youtube videos with a single click. Files can be converted into common formats like MP4, 3GP and WebM. Videos can also be downloaded from social media websites like Facebook and Yandex. Other options include downloading through a proxy server and filtering adult content.

5 best free Download Managers

This completes our list of 5 best free download managers. Hope you liked the list and if you wish, you can leave your suggestions in the comments section below. We do hope you make use of a few of the download managers listed above.

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