5 best free Media Players

Media players are the homes of music and movies. Unless your homes are clean, tidy and refreshing, you won't feel like living inside. Similarly, the media players you use to play back or record your music and movies need to be slick and fast else the experience would be futile. Today we gather a list of 5 best media players which are absolutely free to download and may provide a premium version for some amount. So lets jump right into the list and see which are the popular media players lurking around.

1. VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is a free, open source software for playing most kind of audio and video files. It also provides streaming features and other discrete ways of media input. The player supports most audio and video formats that are available. It has an extremely simple user interface and is free of ads or spyware. The player comes preinstalled with numerous codecs. Various skins and themes are available too that can help you to change the look of your VLC Media Player.

5 best free Media Players

2. Plex

Plex is a cross platform video player that works across a range of devices. It offers space on the cloud to store your favorite video files as well. There is a wide variety of hidden functions and features. Plex can even be extended into a media server but that costs some money. We haven't explored that territory as yet but still the software finds its way in our list of best media players.

5 best free Media Players

3. Winamp

Winamp needs no introduction and has been a top media player for many years. This third party media player is still very popular even though its ownership has been shifting hands lately. It is a robust player which provides umpteen features and customisable skins. The equaliser can be tweaked thoroughly and various devices can be connected and managed over Wi-Fi.

5 best free Media Players


XBMC is a media hub that helps to organise movies, music and ROMs. Though XBMC is not an operating system of its own, it does look like one and hence, is best suited for home theater PCs (HTPC). It supports a wide variety of formats. Navigation is particularly easy and files can even be manipulated over network attached devices. It allows to stream content over the Internet too. This open source project also supports plug-ins, making it a must-have media player for HTPC owners.

 XBMC has now been renamed as Kodi.

5 best free Media Players

5. RealPlayer

RealPlayer is another robust media player available for all kinds of devices. It allows users to share videos over the cloud other than merely watching them. These cloud stored files can then be accessed from anywhere. Cloud based storage is not free though. The free version offers standard features like the option to share movies to HD TVs. You can also store bookmarks linking to your favorite media files for easy future access.

5 best free Media Players

That's it for our list of best free media players. Even though Winamp has not received a facelift in quite a while, it still remains the best media player for us. Do let us know in the comments below which players have you used and why do you like them. We would also give them a try.

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