5 best free Torrent downloading apps for Android

Torrent downloading is a peer to peer sharing platform that helps to download really large files by distributing file partitions across a number of peers rather than relying on single hosts. Torrents only contain metadata about these distributed systems and does not actually hold the file in itself. Music, movies, software, ROMs and all type of media can be found on torrent sites. And now you can even download torrents straight to your smartphones or tablets using torrent downloading apps. Today we are listing 5 best free torrent downloading apps for Android. Just to be on a safer side, do have an antivirus installed on your Android device before trying out any of these as torrents can bring down a large collection of unwanted and deceptive malware which can literally brick your device if you are not careful. That said and done, lets check out these Android torrent downloading apps.

1. BitTorrent

BitTorrent is the most popular desktop torrent client which is now available for Android as well. It is an easy to use app with an intuitive interface which makes searching and downloading torrents a cakewalk. Downloaded audio torrents can be played straight within the app. There is a selection option for downloaded files which allows a user to specify whether he wishes to place the file straight on a microSD card rather than downloading it to internal storage. This is a boon for downloading massively large files. The app shows no ads, is absolutely free of cost and there is no limitation on speed, size or kind of files. The app also offers an option to specify whether you wish to download only over Wi-Fi or not thereby saving your mobile data costs.

5 best free Torrent downloading apps for Android

2. uTorrent

uTorrent is a very popular desktop BitTorrent client which has now made its way to Android devices too. Like BitTorrent mentioned above, uTorrent provides a host of features too. There are no limits on download sizes or speeds. Searching files is easy, a Wi-Fi only mode is provided and another advanced feature is RSS subscription. You can save to external microSD cards too and there is an in built media player for playing the downloaded files without needing to use any other third party app.

5 best free Torrent downloading apps for Android

3. Flud

Flud is neither as popular nor quite as old as the above two but still manages to make it to our list of best torrent downloading apps. The interface is based on material design language. Again there are no limits on download sizes, speeds or kind of files. Other advanced features include file prioritisation, magnet link support, sequential downloading and Wi-Fi only support. The free version is ad supported while an ad-free paid version is available too. There is also RSS support built in to the app which we have added to our list for its simple and clean user interface along with robust utility.

5 best free Torrent downloading apps for Android

4. Vuze

As you can see, the most famous torrent clients for computers have made their way through to being highly popular torrent client apps for Android as well. Vuze is a feature rich Android torrent client which is free to download. There are no ads in this app. The app provides a customary search facility, a Wi-Fi only mode and ability to specify download and upload limits. Professional users can tweak incoming ports too. The app can also be configured to show notifications or play sounds once downloads are done and dusted with.

5 best free Torrent downloading apps for Android

5. aTorrent

This is one torrent client other than Flud that we have not seen or used a desktop client for. It is available for free on Google Play store but is supported with ads. The app covers almost all basic features that are required. There is magnet link support, in built torrent search and an ability to set download folders. You can download multiple files at the same time and users can even specify individual files wrapped under a single torrent to be separately downloaded. A Wi-Fi only mode is available too and downloads can be paused automatically on disconnection from external power source. A premium paid version of the app is also available which is absolutely ad-free.

5 best free Torrent downloading apps for Android

This winds up our list of 5 best free torrent downloading apps for Android. We currently use an iPhone so have been missing out quite a bit of Android customisation for some time. However, BitTorrent remains our favorite torrent client for Android devices. Do let us know in the comments section below which Android torrent clients have you used or recommend us to try as well.

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