5 Google search tricks every user should know

5 Google search tricks every user should know
Its a well known fact that Google dominates the web search landscape. There is no denying that Google search has been at the top of the game ever since its inception and its popularity is on the rise ever since. For many, the term 'googling' has become second nature in life. But still there are loads of tricks that many users have no idea about. We have picked 5 of the most basic Google search tricks that every user should know and are enlisting them here for your easy reference. Here are the 5 tricks for you to learn and master.

1. Search within a single site

If you use "site:keyword" in your search, Google will only present results from that site. for example, if you want to search all articles about football on espn.com, you should enter the phrase "site:espn.com football" in the search field and that would do the needful.

2. Weeding through your search

If you want to search for a phrase that excludes a particular word, you can weed out that specific word by using a minus sign before it. This makes your search results more comprehensive and customised per your liking. For example, to search for football greats without results including Maradona, you can enter "football greats -maradona" in the search field and that will do the trick.

3. Use "DEFINE:keyword" to search word meanings

If you wish to see the meaning for a word, use "DEFINE:keyword". For all dictionary words, Google shows etymology and a graph of the word's usage over a period of time other than the required definition. Google even searches for slangs and acronyms in this manner. For example, to see the meaning of a word like "emancipation", use the search term "DEFINE:emancipation" and wait for the definition to appear.

4. Use quotes on both sides to search for an exact phrase

This is a very well-known trick that has been used for long but still we decided to put it in our list. Searching a phrase within quotes will produce results that consist of exactly the same words in exactly the same order as the phrase within the quotes. For example, a search like "masters of the universe" will yield pages that contain the phrase "masters of the universe" in that particular order only.

5. Use an asterisk within quotes to search for unknown or variable words

Searching a phrase within quotes and entering an asterisk instead of a word will cause Google to search for all variations of that word. This can be particularly useful when you are trying to search for a song but do not remember the exact lyrics. For example, searching for "when you say * at all" would search for the exact phrase but with the asterisk being replaced with variable words, so you'll most definitely end up finding the result that you want.

That's it for our list of Google search tricks that every user should know. We do know there are many more tricks to make your search results fruitful but we handpicked the above 5 since these are the most basic and each and every Google user should know them, irrespective of how much Google they use in their day to day working. Do let us know in the comments section below which of the above 5 tricks you end up using the most or if you know of more basic tricks that we might have skipped. We would surely like your valuable feedback.

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