Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 with Windows - 8 inch Review - Anypen technology makes an otherwise average tablet shine out

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 with Windows - 8 inch Review - Anypen technology makes an otherwise average tablet shine out

Lenovo has been quite proactive in launching hybrids, pure tablets as well as smartphones into the market over the past few years and they have made a decent mark for themselves in all product lines. Their Yoga series of tablets has been doing fairly well in the country specially due to the innovations it brings to the shelves. As a matter of fact, they seem to be the only company that is driving sales out of innovation and not the other way around. Just a few months back, Lenovo launched Yoga tablet 2 with Windows 8 with Anypen technology which means you do not need custom made stylus to work on the tablet. We used a simple pencil to do most of the tasks and it performed very well, however when we tried to use a common ballpen, it would not register the touches. Today we are going to do a full hands on review of this tablet. So lets jump in.

Before starting with the review, let us take a look at the specifications of the device.

Specifications of Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 with Windows - 8 inch

Processor: 1.8 GHz Intel Atom Z3745 Quad Core Processor
Inbuilt Storage: 32 GB
Display: 8 Inch Full HD IPS Touchscreen Display
Rear Camera: 8 MP
Front Camera: 1.6MP HD 
Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth: Bluetooth v4.0
Battery: 6400 mAh
USB: USB 2.0 microUSB
Weight: 426 grams

Unboxing and Contents

The tablet comes in a small black colored top sliding cardboard box. The device is neatly wrapped in plastic cover to protect the screen. Inside you will find data cable, charger and some documentation. You won't find earphones inside which is quite understandable considering this is a tablet and not a smartphone. Though the packaging is neat, we do feel that a company like Lenovo should start using some protective cushioning on the box to protect the tablet while in transit.

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 with Windows - 8 inch Review - Anypen technology makes an otherwise average tablet shine out

Design and Build Quality

The Lenovo Yoga tablet 2 with Windows carries the design philosophy of its siblings with one of the edges being a cylindrical tube that also houses the power button on one side. In previous tablets we had a slight problem of frequently switching off the tablet by mistake since the power button rested on our palms. Even here, the power button is at the same place, however this time around it seems a little recessed into the chassis thus preventing from accidental fallouts.

The tablet is pure black in color all around. A pretty thick bezel runs around all the sides of the display. A great industrial design choice made by Lenovo is to provide stereo speakers right at the bottom of the display facing the user and both the channels on separate sides. This is very useful while watching movies or playing games, the sound of which gets muffled on other tablets due to non optimised placement of speakers which can get covered with your hands or palms. 

The back of the device is made of textured plastic with Lenovo branding and an Intel sticker. Right at the bottom of the back, there is the multimode kickstand which allows the tablet to be used in a variety of modes like hanging, standing etc. The stand has a very sturdy hinge and the large amount of friction would help you to make the tablet stand at a variety of angles adding versatility to the tablet. And there is also the camera sensor just besides the stand.

The tablet is extremely thin yet has enough width to carry a volume rocker and a Windows home button on separate edges. Both the volume rocker and Windows home button are quite recessed and do not offer ample feedback and throw to let a user know he has successfully clicked them.

In essence, we are pleased with the design aesthetics and build quality of the tablet. It is a sturdy device that can have a long shelf life provided its not abused.


The display on Yoga tablet 2 is decently bright. What we liked about the display is that the color gamut used is realistic, it does not seem cartoonish, bland or oversaturated. It is easy on the eyes and you can look at the display for a long while without hurting your eyes. There is no pixellation whatsoever. But there is quite a bit of screen reflection, an issue which seems to effect glass displays across the board. This is not a deal breaker issue though. We thoroughly enjoyed watching Youtube videos on this tablet firstly due to its natural color reproduction and secondly because of the speakers lying right in the front making us feel the videos are alive. The display is extremely reflective when used under direct sunlight making it almost impossible to use outdoors. But still we are impressed with the natural colors used by this tablet.

Operating System and Software

As the name of the tablet suggests, Yoga tablet 2 comes with Windows 8.1 out of the box. Using Windows full version on a tablet with display size of 8 inches can be quite a pain and the only way out of it is by using a pen almost all the time. The problem does not lie with Lenovo. Its just the plain fact that Windows 8.1 full version is not optimised for small sized tablets. The buttons and icons are too small to be pressed with fingers. This is a major differentiating factor between iPads, Android tablets and Windows based tablets. You simply cannot use a Windows based tablet without a digitiser or a pen. We do recommend choosing Android over Windows for tablets of this size but if you are hard bound to use Windows then its best to use a pen. We think Lenovo has provided this tablet with a spellbinding Anypen innovation which is the first of any kind without which this tablet would not be even close to being useful. Looking at it the other way around, we would have to see if Microsoft fares better once it comes out with Windows 10 at the end of July 2015. In terms of software, there is nothing extraordinary here except for one full year of Office 365 subscription and of course, all the prebuilt software that Windows usually preinstalls on all devices that ship with it. Anypen technology is what makes this tablet and its software stand out.

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 with Windows - 8 inch Review - Anypen technology makes an otherwise average tablet shine out


The tablet offers a very basic camera app with exposure being the only option available to modify. Of course, you can tap the screen to focus on an object. There are no professional settings like ISO, white balance etc. The images that we took lacked the details that can be seen with smartphone cameras. Moreover in portrait shots, the colors are undersaturated and washed away as well. In any case, we should remember that this is a tablet. Tablet cameras have still a lot to prove and none of the tablet cameras available in the market have been able to take professional quality images. This is one area where we feel Lenovo needs a lot of improvement.


This is a decently well performing tablet. Apps and software open in a jiffy and there is no lag whatsoever. One point of concern is the large latency it shows when moving from portrait to landscape mode or vice versa, you literally have to wait for a full second or more before the display rotates. The tablet is decent at playing games too but not the graphic intensive ones. This is not a gaming tablet per se and is best used for little productivity and data consumption. You cannot expect a standalone tablet to scorch through products like Adobe Photoshop or any movie editor either. The good thing about this tablet is that it performs exceedingly well for the use cases that it is meant to be used for. Watching Youtube videos is fun, browsing websites is fast, using productivity tools like Microsoft Office is fair and then slight gaming too. The internal solid state drive is decently fast too. The speakers on the front are loud and clear making content consumption fruitful as well.


Yoga tablet 2 with Windows has a 6400 mAh battery. To check for battery time, we charged the battery to 100% and then started using the tablet moderately. We used it for downloading and installing a few apps and games, a bit of browsing along with playing a few games, watching videos on Youtube and throwing in a fair amount of standby time too. We were able to use the tablet for somewhere close to 9 hours with everything thrown in. Considering that this is not a smartphone and there will definitely be loads of standby times in typical usage, the battery should suffice for a day without the need to recharge. If you are a moderate to a heavy user, you can recharge it before going to bed and it would be all set to take you through the next day without the need to recharge. Ridiculously heavy users might need to recharge this tablet more than once a day.


3.5 stars out of 5

Bottomline and Verdict

As a bottomline, we would say that the tablet impresses us thoroughly with its Anypen technology. It just became so simpler to use a pencil instead of a regular stylus. Stylus are meant to be secured and protected whereas you can have a pencil or a pen almost anywhere without the need to take care of them. Moreover, the tablet registers all input from the pencil or pen and works as a normal stylus would. The only downside to this tablet is the use of Windows which can be quite painful for such a small screen size due to lack of optimisation of onscreen elements. But again, this is covered by the Anypen innovation. So if you are a user who is not averse to holding a pencil at your tablet all the time then this tablet is highly recommended but if wish to use your fingers to control your device, then you'll be probably be better going in for iPads or Android based tablets.

That's it for our review of Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 with Windows using Anypen technology. Do hit the 'like' button on our Facebook page if you liked the review to keep yourself updated of latest technology news, reviews and tweaks. If you have any suggestions regarding the review or the device, feel free to leave us a comment below. Stay tuned since we have many more such reviews coming up in the near future.

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