Envirochip from Syenergy Environics can protect you from harmful radiations of electronic devices

Envirochip from Syenergy Environics can protect you from harmful radiations of electronic devices
It has been known for years that electronic gadgets like mobile phones, tablets, laptops or routers, to name a few, emit harmful radiations which can damage your body and body parts in the long run. Since we keep these devices, specially mobile phones, in close proximity to our body for a long period of time, these gadgets can pose serious health hazards and in some cases, life threatening or fatal hazards too. These radiations are electromagnetic in nature but being invisible, we tend to ignore them only to make them a part of our misery later in life. Globally, many studies have been conducted and the following health hazards occurring due to radiation effects of these devices have been documented:

- Heart problems
- Lowering of sperm count
- Brain tumour
- Cancer
- Risk to small children and their health

Hence, to mitigate the above effects and to significantly lower the chances of you damaging your health through prolonged use of these gadgets, Syenergy Environics, a company specializing in radiation management for more than 20 years, has come up with a simple solution of affixing a custom made chip to these devices. The company manufactures this chip and calls it Envirochip. Envirochip is an evolutionary as well as a revolutionary product. It is evolutionary because it has taken years of research and understanding of radiation waves to be able to create such a product and at the same time, it is revolutionary because neither did anyone realize that we need to be extra careful about those cancerous radiations nor did such a product ever exist before that could deflect radiations. Envirochip works by changing the wave nature of the electromagnetic radiations into a random waveform which typically does not effect the body thereby shielding it from harmful waves automatically. As a result, the body's health parameters are improved over a prolonged course of life.

You can check the following Youtube video to see how radiations from a mobile phone can effect your body strength and secondly and more importantly, how Envirochip comes into the picture and helps you regain that lost strength.

Envirochip can be easily affixed on your mobile phone, laptop, tablet, Wi-Fi router or other electronic gadgets to make them safer for you as a user as well as for others who remain in close vicinity of these gadgets. To fix the chip, you just need to remove the thin white protective strip from the back of the chip and paste the Envirochip just above the center at the back of your mobile phone as shown in the picture on the top.

The chip has been tested and certified clinically and is proven to reduce the harmful effects of these radiations. Study was done over 500 subjects at Max Healthcare and at a facility of a large French ITES company located in Delhi NCR. In addition to that, tests were conducted at a reputed lab in Cambridge, U.K., to ensure that the chip doesn’t alter the signal strength and quality in any way. Environics is also CE certified. It has also been certified by DB Technology, UK and the results have been published in Journal of Biomedical Science & Engineering, USA.

Envirochip is available across various B2C channels, including modern retail stores for electronics, pharmacies, traditional retail outlets and e-commerce market places. It is available in multiple colors – black, white, red, silver, yellow, orange, blue, pink and green to suit your personal choice.


Mobile Phone - Rs. 500
Laptop - Rs. 1100
Desktop Computer - Rs. 1100
Tablet PC - Rs. 700
Wi-Fi Router - Rs. 700

So you should not waste any time or compromise your health in any way any longer by getting an Envirochip as soon as possible, fixing it to each of your electronic gadgets and living a healthier, happier and a radiation-protected life for years to come.

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