iPhone 6S display assembly leaked in photos

iPhone 6S display assembly leaked in photos

New images of iPhone 6S display have been posted to Weibo account of Chinese repair firm GeekBar. The images show front as well as back views of the display. There are very marginal differences between last year's iPhone 6 display compared to the latest leaks. One change that is quite prominent is an off-center rectangular cutout toward the top of the screen but its exact purpose cannot be ascertained due to lack of image quality.

iPhone 6S shielding is riveted on all four sides which is a major difference from iPhone 6 assembly which was held completely by screws and clips. These rivets on 6S might have to do something with the Force Touch feature which is strongly rumored. According to leaks, suppliers have now bumped up their mass production of force sensitive parts.

iPhone 6S and 6S Plus are expected to release in September along with the new Apple TV which came into limelight very recently.

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