NNG focuses on making driving safer by producing navigation support advanced safety solutions

NNG focuses on making driving safer by producing navigation support advanced safety solutions

New Delhi, 13th October - According to the data released by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) early this year, there have been about 4.5 lakh road accidents in 2014 and a majority of these were caused by human error. Wrong decisions, lack of information about the surroundings or insufficient experience can easily lead to accidents causing damage or even injuries. Safety of driving has always been a focus point for carmakers, and this intention remains central as the cars include more and more electronics and smart solutions. 

Péter Bolesza, Vice President of Eastern Europe and Emerging Markets at NNG said, “As a leading navigation solution provider across the globe, we aim to define the core driving experience and make it safer. Software and intelligent technologies can support this by helping the driver make correct decisions. Hardware is only one part of the solution, the driver has to be aided by the correct software. We, at NNG, take road safety very seriously and strive constantly towards catering to the needs of an ever evolving industry.”

Besides protective technology it is also essential to see what preventive measures can be taken. 

Technology can be utlized in multiple ways to ensure prevention of road mishaps:
Navigations related techology: it can provide real time traffic information, route recalculation and prepare the car according to the planed route. For example lane guidance, that warns the driver to change lane well in advance.

Technology used to support driving which basically uses the car’s sensors to gain information about the vehicle and its surroundings in an integrated system. This data can be used to provide adaptive cruise control, automate braking, incorporate GPS / traffic warnings, connect with smartphones and alert drivers.

Techonology to reduce driver distraction by defining the core driving experience like touchscreen, rotation control and voice recognition. 

NNG’s iGO Navigation supports all these features with an added advantage of being localized to suit the Indian roads. The company is already working on a project in India for a commercial vehicles fleet where based on navigation related data, they can monitor the driver’s behaviour. This will not only allow NNG’s partner company to keep track of their fleet but also this will also allow them to identify drivers who might need further training. 

NNG has been present in the Indian market since 2011. The company is the proud holder of the Mobility Excellence Award 2014 for “Best Automotive Navigation Provider”, awarded by Mobility India. 

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