Koenig Solutions, an ethics driven IT training company that caters to a global audience and works for social welfare too

Koenig Solutions, an ethics driven IT training company that caters to a global audience and works for social welfare too

Koenig Solutions is an IT training company that focuses on providing IT training to students from across the globe. It also provides technical certifications to the enrolling students. We were invited for a bloggers meet to their campus in Delhi a few weeks back. We were given a walk through of the campus along with a session on Ethical Hacking by one of their faculty members. 

The campus is a state-of-the-art facility where you will find computerised labs, training rooms and an entirely separate zone created for technology. Koenig offers world class training through advanced methodologies. Catering to a global audience of students is not an easy task at all but Koenig is well-equiped to perform just that. Their campus, faculty members, the available facilities and their senior management are a thorough testimony to the fact that Koenig is one of the leading IT training providers present in the country today.

There are more than 300 certified trainers currently involved in training at Koenig campus all of whom are masters at their subjects. One of the masterminds of ethical hacking, who brought to light the discrepancies in US security agencies, the famous computer professional Edward Snowden received his training from Koenig himself and we had a chance to meet one of his professors as well.

The company has authorizations from all the leading IT solution providers like Microsoft, Cisco, VMWare, Oracle, Red Hat, Novell, Adobe, EC Council and many more. Koenig is a fast growing IT training company with a wide array of courses and certifications under its umbrella. Students from all walks of life and from a large number of countries come to the campus to be trained for their respective IT subjects. A global workforce from major Fortune 500 companies and even governments also enrol themselves at Koenig IT training centre. The company's packages also include tourism facilities thus giving students coming from abroad an opportunity to not only learn but to travel the width and height of the country as well.

But that is not all, headed by Mr. Rohit Agarwal, Koenig follows 12 Life Principles based on which the foundation of the company stands. All the employees and members of the management work in complete resonance with these principles. This strong foundation lays a base which guarantees success for Koenig and they have rightfully named these principles as Koenig Ethos. These 12 principles are:

- Eliminate negative thoughts
- Anger management
- Truth is a big force
- Pursuit of excellence
- Reduce expectation from others
- Be brave
- Welcome criticism
- Learn to forgive & forget
- Caring for others
- Healthy living
- Work hard and smart
- Definition of success

As mentioned above, we were given a training session on the basics of Ethical hacking at the campus. The session that we received was well planned, covered all the basics of ethical hacking and even our doubts and questions were thoroughly answered by the faculty and management. This gave us an insight as to the high professional quality of the training that the enrolling students must be getting at the campus.

Koenig Solutions, an ethics driven IT training company that caters to a global audience and works for social welfare too

But there's still more to Koenig, the company does its bit for the society too. An initiative called Koenig Koshish organises free tuition classes for underprivileged school children. As of date, there are 12 school projects that support more than 1500 school students. Other similar initiatives include Talent hunt, Vocational training, Book distribution, Blood donation camps and associations with NGOs to help people with special needs.

All in all, we are pleased to see a company that provides IT training being highly motivated in its endeavours, following ethics and principles and doing its hardest bit for the society as well. For anyone looking to get trained in any IT subject, Koenig Solutions is a highly recommended campus.

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