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GetResponse ( is the industry leader when it comes to Email Marketing, right? Yeah I know that . But, there still might be some clouds of confusion and uncertainty for some of you , and it's worth being sure that it's worth your time and money, or not.

And it's fair for you to be confused, with so many different tools in the market, for the same job, it's hard to differentiate whom to bet your money on. Well, let me tell you, in a clear, short and simple sentence. I don't know about others, but if you bet it on GetResponse, you surely won't lose it. Period.
No, I'm not just spinning up this fairy tale, there are pretty solid reasons for me saying so.

Automation:- Website Full Review

Or as better know, Autoresponders. If you're going for an Email Marketing tool , what is your very basic need? To collect Emails, right? Well, then sending them a Welcome Email, or probably a verification mail is equally important, right?

It has been found in a study that Emails that don't send a verification mail, have a higher Unsubscribe rate later, when they send product E-mails, compared to those companies which do send a verification or welcome Email.

Well, with GetResponse your problem of automatically replying to your users when they subscribe is totally taken care of.

GetResponse offers you two Advanced kind of Auto-Responder triggering options ! First, you can trigger it based on time, for eg. on a certain time of the day/month or week ! And second, you can trigger it for a specific event, meaning an email would be automatically sent whenever your user does something on your list.

It offers you a wide range of options to work around, some of them are 
- Opens and clicks of the list.
- When the users change their contact information.
- This is the best of them all, On your contact birthdays ! 
- When they complete a certain survey or form ! 

In-Page Report:- Website Full Review

This is where GetResponse actually has an edge over its other competitors, with other tools you'd actually need to integrate third-party tools, like Google Analytics or something of that sort.

Which adds to your work load, to your confusion, and takes up your time. Also, there's no guarantee that it'll be 100% correct, right? After all it's Third-party ! 

But with GetResponse, you get an in-built dashboard where you can track each and every metric of your Email campaigns. 

Even here, GetResponse didn't hesitate to take it up a notch, and added some unique,  & exclusive features to it. 

'one-click segmentation': This is the option, which tells you the people, who did not open, click or engage in any way with your E-mails ! Well, you can create a separate list for them, and send them a refined version of the same e-mail, and this might increase your chances.

'metrics over time': This is just "wow" ! This tells you the exact time when your E-mails are most productive. When most people engage and things like that, and when you have that data, you know exactly when to send something to them ! 

'Tracking:- Well, you got a landing page? Or are trying to make a sale? That's cool, GetResponse now even allows you to track how many sales you made ! Yes, not just clicks, but actual sales with its customized pixel.

The above three features were extremely unique, and totally value for money stuff. With other tools you either don't get them, or you have to pay extra for it.

A/B Testing:- Website Full Review

Well, A/B testing is just the feature that boosts your campaigns, any kind they might be.

It's a test, you can conduct on your subscribers, by sending them different versions of the same E-mail, and tracking which version did better. 

These changed are normally small, like the position of the font, or the colour or something of that kind. But they seem to be extremely effective, and by using the "better" version every time, in split tests, you can keep improvising them till it's perfect.

And trust me over time it has the potential to take your conversion rates anywhere from 80-90% ! 

And GetResponse knows how important it is to test and improvise your things, and that's why it has a very effective and easy to use A/ B Testing feature, you just can't afford to miss ! 

E-mail Templates:-

This is one of my favorite GetResponse features, the vast list of Email templates ! 

GetResponse has over 100 Email templates, and the best thing about them is, you can totally customize, edit or change them according to your needs! 

So technically, you can create millions, if not billions of different combination of E-mail templates and test out which one looks best ! 

And it doesn't end right there, GetResponse's Template builder is ofcourse Drag&Drop, but in addition to that, it's also Mobile Responsive ! And not just that, you can even have a Live Mobile Preview ! 

Meaning, how your template would look on a mobile device ! That's cool right?

Landing Pages:- Website Full Review

Wow, this is what makes GetResponse a really "worth my time" thing. 

I want to clear this beforehand, that with GetResponse you get not only the Email tool, but also this landing page creator. I'll come to its features later but for now , it's an advantage for you that with most other tools you've to pay extra, means upgrade your plan if you need the landing page tool, in addition to your E-mail management tool, but that's not the case with GetResponse.

Well, apart from being included free of additional cost to you, the landing page comes with 500+ different page templates ! That's like, a big number ! You have a page for almost every need, be it a Thank you page, a Sales page, A welcome page, or maybe "I'm gonna die" page. GetResponse has got it all, period.

The landing page creator with GetResponse is pretty advanced, with enough elements and the drag & drop feature ! So it would take you less than 15-20 minutes of hardwork to create the perfectly optimized landing page ! 

Additionally, you can even A/B test the landing pages ! Meaning you can checkout which will work better than the others, then just take this "Will work better" page and make it even better, and see you dollars boost up ! 


I believe this is one of the most important features when it comes to buying a product.

No matter how cool a product is, or how many features it has, unless you can afford it, and it really is worth the money it's asking, it's no use . For eg. a Lamborghini has all the pro features of a car that this works has ever seen, right? But, what's the point? You can't afford it ( Neither can I, so no hard feelings ! )

You can check the GetResponse Pricings here yourself, but as this is a review, I'll want to point it out to you why I wasted my 1 hour writing this 1000Words+ review on GetResponse and not something else.

GetResponse plans start from as low as $15/month, if you're wondering, " Can't I get it cheaper from somewhere else?" The answer is, No, you can't. And here's why:-

If you have an e-mail list with 9000+ subscribers, You'd need to pay $65/month, but using the same e-mail list with Aweber will cost you $69 ( additional $4) , or with Mailchimp $75 ( additional $10) , or maybe an extra as big as $84 with Campaign Monitor ! 

And let me make it clear, those services which cost you additional $, aren't even including as many features as GetResponse is getting you, if this can't convince you, I don't know what can!

So bottomline? Don't miss it, get GetResponse, right now ! 

Over to you:-

You can start your free trial of Getresponse here:

I tried to illustrate the key features, and differences between GetResponse and its other competitors, right?

The main focus is The budget ! You're getting the same service and functionality extremely cheap with Getrepsonse while the same plans cost you a lot extra, for less features than GetResponse is offering you.

Well, if you're some multi millionaire, you're most welcome to go out on a limb and try the other big fishes out there, but if you're serious about your online career, and need something that 's both pocket friendly and worth it, I'd say GetResponse is no doubt the tool to go for.

Are you going for it? Do let me know in the comments, even if you aren't, getting to know your excuse would be cool, maybe then I can improve this review ! 

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