612 League launches Wonder Store, the first Augmented Reality Store in India

612 League launches Wonder Store, the first Augmented Reality Store in India

~ Aims to provide a unique, state-of-the-art consumer experience by introducing a standalone kiosk for kids

~ Becomes the first kids wear brand to introduce such technology thus reinventing shopping for kids wear

The first exclusive pre-teen apparel brand in India, 612 League is all set to amaze kids with the first ever Virtual Store in India at DLF Mall of India, Noida. The virtual store will be known as the Wonder Store. The Wonder Store will use the technology of Augmented Reality (AR) to help the kids make their apparel choices from 612 League by interacting with the standalone kiosks at the stores. This makes 612 League the first kids wear brand in India to leverage AR to present a unique way of interaction with consumers at a shopping mall.

Augmented Reality also known as AR is an innovative technology which works as a bridge between the real and the virtual world through computer-generated sensory inputs such as graphics, video, GPS data and sound. Through augmented reality, one can interact with the real-time images on a virtual platform. 612 League, with this technology aims to assist the young ones, to select the clothing of their choice and size, by providing them the tools which will help the kids visualize the different garments without having to try the clothes on physically. 

Through Wonder Store, kids can try different combinations from a selection of outfits. Once a kid walks near the kiosk, the standby screensaver disappears and the application is activated. The application calibrates the kid’s measurements and the kids can then choose their gender and select different clothing combinations. After selecting the apparel of their choice, the application will redirect to the fitting page where they will be able to interact with their animated avatars. The products will be superimposed on them and they can choose between the preset body forms or can toggle between “Try On Dummy” mode and “Virtual Try on Me" mode. The kids can then select their choice of clothing and get to the ‘buy me’ counter, where they can make their payments.

Through Wonder Store, 612 League aims to provide consumers an exciting and effortless way of interaction to redefine the way they shop for kids wear.

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