Le Supercar Debuts LeSEE at Auto China, Promotes an Eco Life

Le Supercar Debuts LeSEE at Auto China, Promotes an Eco Life

Chinese Internet company LeEco unveiled its electric concept car–the LeSEE–on April 25 as the 14th Beijing International Automotive Exhibition (Auto China 2016) kicked off, promoting the car’s ecosystem-driven appeal as well as its stylish curves.

“LeEco is the world’s first Internet company to declare its march into the auto industry. Today we are here at Auto China to present to the world the early results of our R&D efforts – the LeSEE electric concept car. This is a historic moment for the LeAuto ecosystem as well as a milestone in the history of the entire auto industry,” said Mr. Ding Lei, LeAuto’s Co-founder, Global Vice Chairman and CEO for China and Asia-Pacific, at the press conference.

In addition to the LeSEE presentation, Aston Martin, a strategic partner of LeEco, showcased the second-generation Rapide S in the LeEco Booth. This is the first time the LeAuto IoV-enabled Rapid S has been seen in China following its global debut at CES 2016 in January, with a number of upgrades implemented since.

Dr. Andrew Palmer, Aston Martin’s CEO, also appeared at the press conference, and said: “The cooperation between Aston Martin and LeEco has effected significant changes in the auto industry. When Aston Martin’s sports car DNA is combined with LeEco’s rich Internet-based content and applications, as well as experience in social business operations, we are able to provide consumers with an even better product experience.”

LeEco also presented many of its smart devices at the event, including Le Superphones, Le Super TVs, Super Bikes, and more. The unique booth design promotes the integration of all the devices as a demonstration on the future of connected mobility and lifestyle.

The First Eco-powered Car in the Spotlight
At the press conference, Mr. Ding introduced the highlights of the LeSEE, which features an autopilot system, an Internet-connected smart system, adjustable seats, intelligent inductive charging, car sharing capabilities and an advanced design concept.

Le Supercar’s First Concept Car - LeSEE

According to Mr. Ding, the LeSEE’s design draws inspiration from Mother Nature. The sleek aesthetic is inspired by the many curves found in the natural world, resulting in cutting-edge aerodynamics that combines performance with style. The rear seats feature adjustable lumbar support where smart materials and multi-layered partitions allow for seat adjustment for greater passenger comfort.

The front of the car features a catfish-inspired “mouth” that detects pedestrians while the projection panel behind displays information about the location of pedestrians and other cars in front of the vehicle to keep the driver well-informed. This is all for safe driving.

Le Supercar’s First Concept Car - LeSEE

When the car is in the autopilot mode, the steering wheel will be hidden under the front panel to offer the driver the maximum in space and comfort. If the driver decides to drive manually, the steering wheel can be released for use quickly and easily. But why would the driver choose to drive when he or she could join the passengers in watching LeEco’s live sport programs, films, TV dramas, concerts and much more on the car’s four screens en route to the destination?

All future LeSEE cars will utilize inductive charging. This advanced technology is easy to use, with both of the two A-pillars at the front of the car used for charging. The in-car Wi-Fi hotspot will remain available for use even when the car is not running.

LeAuto IoV-enabled Rapide S Debuts

After the January CES, LeEco’s IoV team upgraded the Aston Martin’s Rapide S in such areas as appearance, safety, entertainment apps, man-machine interactivity and functionality, improving the performance of the in-car ecosystem in the process.

Dr. Andrew Palmer, Aston Martin’s CEO (left) and Mr. Ding Lei, Le Supercar’s Co-founder, Global Vice Chairman and CEO for China and Asia-Pacific Unveiling the Second-generation LeAuto IoV-enabled Rapide S

The biggest changes demonstrated by the second-generation LeAuto IoV-enabled Rapide S at Auto China 2016 are with regards to the console and brand-new entertainment displays for passengers in the rear seats. In terms of content, the second-generation system integrates LeCloud-based apps so to meet the many varied needs of passengers. In addition, the console display now features greater control capacity as well as stronger all-around performance and stability.

The second-generation Rapide S features a more intelligent user login system that utilizes facial recognition. The system identifies the user by analyzing his or her facial features and then loads their corresponding personalized settings. If the user shifts the driver’s seat, the system locates the user-occupied seat automatically and loads their personal settings, apps and content accordingly.

The user can also directly change the dashboard mode on the console. The dashboard offers multiple UI options and incorporates multimedia, real-time navigation, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), 360° panoramic video-recording and other functions, providing the user with a much better driving and entertainment experience.

Ecosystem Model Makes Auto China More Than an Exhibition

Traditionally, an auto show is a gathering of automakers and auto parts manufacturers, yet the participation of LeEco has transformed Auto China 2016 into much more.

The Le Ecosystem has become the defining philosophy of LeEco, a way forward into the future that features a world connected. Exhibiting at an international auto show for the first time, LeEco showed the world its unique booth design, a galaxy of smart devices available for trial and its ecosystem values. Other ecosystems such as Le Sports, Le Vision Pictures and LeCloud will also showcase their specialized ecosystem sections, offering the 800,000 visitors a thrillingly rich experience. Moreover, LeEco has prepared around 300 Le Super TVs as public facilities for visitors to the auto show. The event will be broadcast through those Super TVs so that the 5 million Super TV users worldwide can remotely experience the event as if they were there in person.

LeEco is bringing its ecosystems to Auto China 2016 and the automobile industry will not be the same as the company makes disrupting the norm its mandate.

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