Apple Watch 2 launch might coincide with iPhone 7's launch in September this year

Apple Watch 2 launch might coincide with iPhone 7's launch in September this year

According to a new report by Digitimes, the launch of the next version of Apple Watch, the Apple Watch 2 might coincide with that of iPhone 7 in September. Around 2 million Apple Watch 2 smartwatches are expected to be shipped in third quarter this year and mass production for the same will be well underway soon.

It was earlier speculated that the new smartwatch will be unveiled at WWDC 2016 in mid June but these rumors were put to rest shortly before the actual event took place. The company has waited a fairly long time after launching the first Apple Watch and it remains to be seen what modifications does it bring to the next one as the smartwatch has not been able to be as groundbreaking as the iPhone was immediately after its inception.

A few features expected to arrive on the next Apple Watch include a Facetime camera, some design changes to make the smartwatch thinner, extended battery life capacity as well as ability to hold voice calls by itself due to inclusion of a cellular chip and a SIM card holder.

Smartwatch penetration across the globe is still at a nascent stage and people have preferred fitness wearables like those by Fitbit and others over full fledged smartwatches. It would be very interesting to see how tech giants like Apple and Samsung counter this aggression by fitness wearable manufacturing companies and the launch of Apple Watch 2 would certainly answer a few of those questions and doubts.

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