MEE Audio - M6P Sports Headphones Review

MEE Audio - M6P Sports Headphones Review
MEE Audio is a company that manufactures audio solutions like headphones and earphones. They have just introduced M6P Sports Headphones with a range of features at a price of Rs. 2599. Today, we are going to review the headphones to check if they are worth the price and what are their pros and cons.

M6P Sports Headphones come with a variety of features as per the brand and which we would review. These features are mentioned below:

- Memory wire that stays the way you mould it close to your ear for a perfect locked-in fit
- Deep bass sounds
- Microphone, remote and universal remote control on the wire itself
- In-ear design with noise isolation
- Certified IPX5 sweat and water resistance for prolonged usage and sports utility
- Great comfort for the ears with six sets of eartips
- Attached shirt clip
- Includes a small carrying case

MEE Audio M6P Sports Headphones Specifications

Driver: 9 mm ultra high performance drivers with neodymium magnets
Frequency response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz
Impedance: 16 Ohms at 1K
Sensitivity: 98 dB (1mW at 1KHZ)
Maximum power: 30 mW
Memory wire: Stainless steel
Connector: 3.5mm gold plated, right angle connector
Cable: Color matched 130 cm (51 in) cord with attached shirt clip
Water resistance rating: IPX5

Lets look at some of the aspects of these headphones:


The pair we received for review is bright orange in color. The headphones are extremely lightweight but feel fragile. It seems the wires would rip off with a slight pull but that's a generic case with almost all earphones and they need to be handled carefully. The connector port has 4 tips, two for stereo left and right channels, one for microphone and one for power. The control switch on the wire is very plasticky and gives an impression of a kiddish product. We would have liked better designing of the control switch for sure. The design of the eartips is decent with the wire going around your ears for prolonged usage. Overall, the design of the product can be improved and for the price the user pays, some metal can definitely be accommodated. The cable does not get entangled in itself and has been well designed.
MEE Audio - M6P Sports Headphones Review

The earphones are pretty comfortable on the ears. The earcups are soft and since 6 sets of eartips are bundled in the package, we are sure you will definitely find at least one of them to suit your ears perfectly. The left and right channels are clearly marked on the earphones. However, since there is no cushioning for the ears, we found it tough keeping the headphones held on for a longer period of time. We prefer headphones with cups around the ears as more comfortable than in ear ones but that's a fairly subjective issue. Some people may definitely prefer these over the other ones. And another problem we were facing was that we needed to readjust the earphones after a little usage as they start seem to fall off or maybe we were not wearing them right.

Sound Quality

Well, M6P sound quality fails to impress us at the first go itself. The sound is muffled and you will feel that you are listening from a great distance from the source even while keeping the volumes at a medium to high level. The bass is not close to what it could have been and you can't seem to hear those percussion instruments. The high frequencies are still better and clear. Noise isolation seems to work well and you can't listen to worldly sounds and noises while hearing through these headphones. The price you are paying for these headphones is not worth it just because of the lack of bass and thump. The dynamic range is low and you'll feel as if you are listening mostly to treble and your ears will keep searching for the mids and lows.


2.5 stars out of 5

Bottomline and Verdict

The lacklustre designing of the remote control and the lack of bass seem to take away the value of these headphones. The price is too high for these headphones as mids and lows are particularly suppressed. The good points are the cable design which does not let the cable entangled in itself as well as provision of 6 sizes of eartips to suit almost all ear sizes. But if its the sound quality and dynamic range that you are going after, we can't seem to recommend these headphones as there are many cheaper ones in the market that sound better.

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