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A home is a place where we build a lifetime of memories and spend most of our time at. However, looking for a new home can be a very tedious experience for many of us due to lack of proper information. The experience becomes even more stressful when you need to make hundreds of visits to property sites, meet a large number of brokers or builders and then funnel through your choices to find your new home.

Just to ease this experience, HDFC has launched HDFC Red web platform and mobile app. HDFC Red is an HDFC service which helps end users find the homes of their choice. The web portal as well as the mobile app have easy inbuilt tools to help consumers pinpoint the homes that they like via a hassle-free experience. Consumers can find homes according to their customised needs using the various tools available to them via the HDFC Red app. 

The mobile app has a huge database of over 7000+ new builder projects, with 24,000+ different types properties (villa, apartment etc) across 23 cities combined with card design structure for making the house searching experience a cinch. You can browse through various properties and then choose the one that fits exactly in your budget. HDFC has loaded the app with latest innovations and simplified the process to suit the users needs.

We would first look at the various screens inside the app and then have a look at the pros as well as the key points where the app can be improved upon.

App screens:

You begin by taking a selfie, a step which you can skip though if you wish.

Then you can login through a social profile or join via email and then sign in.

Then you receive a screen where you can set your priorities regarding the home of your choice. The parameters which you can set are Budget, Location, Size, Possession and Amenities in an order of Most Important to Important. You can just long click a button and once it vibrates, you can move it around as per your choice.

Then you get various screens according to the preferences you set them above. The Budget screen is a slider which you can rotate according to the cost of the house you are looking for.

Next is the location screen which specifies where you want your new home to be.

On this screen, you can specify the area, for example, if you are looking to buy property in Delhi or looking for plots in Delhi, then you can specify Delhi and click Save at the bottom.

Next you specify the size of the house, like 1 BHK+ or 4 BHK+ etc.

The next screen allows you to mark the possession time. 

And finally, you can specify the amenities you require at your new home. Just tap the amenities you require until they turn red in color. 

Once you click 'Save' on the above screen, you are provided with the listing of the properties that matches your customised requirements. You can click the Heart sign on the top left to shortlist the property and move it to Shortlisted data. The percentage score on the top right shows the Relevance score which is a customised score based on the needs that you specified. You can also sort the listings according to various parameters using the button on the right of 'Shortlisted'.

You can click on any property to know more details about the same like Cost per square feet, the available amenities including nearby schools, medical facilities, shopping, trains, metro and other details about the property that you might be interested in. This screen also displays the Relevance score mentioned above again and explains how that score got calculated based on various factors. You can also contact the builder from this screen.

You can go back and click the three lines on the top left to see the main app menu. From here, you can toggle the notifications, set your preferences again, and also read about the app or contact the developers.

Pros of the app

1. The app is very procedural, and thus is easy to navigate.
2. The controls are very intuitive and you can only enter values within a certain range which means that less amount of validation is required and there are fewer errors to capture.
3. The user interface maintains a sense of uniformity across all the screens thus ensuring an immersive experience.
4. The app uses exhaustive parameters for finding your dream home and factors in most of the aspects that you would be looking to get a new home.
5. The Relevance Score is very helpful as users can compare various shortlisted properties according to their ranks.
6. The app has a social login which helps a user to connect through his/her Facebook or Google+ profile rather than having to join through an email, though this was not working successfully when we tried logging in through or Facebook id and threw an error.
7. The user interface uses colors which are easy on the eyes and are not too bold.
8. The user interface allows for an easy scrolling of the listings by swiping up or down.
9. The ability to contact a builder or even know his contact details right through the app is a major plus point.
10. The app seems to have very few bugs or defects even in its first iteration.

Features of the app which can be improved upon

1. You can access the main menu (the three lines on the top left) only from the Listings screen, which means that you would need to complete an entire process if you wish to change app settings. This menu should be available across all the screens.
2. Some of the parameters have a button at the bottom that says you can skip if that parameter isn't important to you, while others do not. For example, the Amenities screen does not have a Skip button at the bottom.
3. There can be more ways of enlisting the properties rather than just a scrolling list. For example, a user while scrolling realises his favorite property was the first one, he would then have to continually scroll down till he reaches that property again. An option to set a grid listing, numbered listing etc. can be there.
4. There is no Search facility in the entire app. If a person knows the name of the property by word of mouth, there is presently no way for him to search that property.
5. The developers can introduce property reviews by owners already living there which would help new buyers immensely.

App rating

4 stars out of 5

Bottomline and Verdict

Well, we feel that HDFC Red is a very useful app even in its original form. If the developers can keep adding features the way we have mentioned a few above, it can become a wonderful tool for buyers looking to search for new homes. People looking for new properties should find HDFC Red a boon. The best part we like about the app is that it is exhaustive in nature and takes into account almost all aspects required to find your perfect home.

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