Samsung launches a wide range of televisions, SUHD TV, Smart TV and Joy Beat models in India

Samsung launches a wide range of televisions, SUHD TV, Smart TV and Joy Beat models in India

Samsung Electronics today launched 44 new television models in India based on a number of innovations and fresh designs. They introduced Quantum Dot Display technology, which according to the company gives the world's best picture quality. The various models include SUHD TV, Smart TV and Joy Beat variants priced starting from Rs. 28000 all the way up to Rs. 28 lakh. 

Quantum Dot technology gets introduced in SUHD TV alongside HDR 1000, which basically provides a very high dynamic range to the colors used by the display panel. Moreover the design is bezel less and curved adding to the overall viewing experience. The Smart TV models host Smart Interface, Smart Content, Smart Convergence and Smart Play while the Joy Beat range incorporates an integrated sound station with built-in tweeters to boost sound quality.

Here is a short summary of the 11 new innovations that make up these new televisions.

Quantum Dot Color: Offers 64 more color shades than a conventional UHD TV and can show up to 1 billion colors in detail

HDR 1000: 1000 nit brightness providing optimum contrast between light and dark pictures

Bezel less curved design: Gives surround view and enhanced depth feeling.

Single Access with Customisable UI: An integrated content and services platform, cross linking between OTT content, live TV and other consoles like video game consoles or set top boxes. The apps on the interface can also be customised to one's liking.

Auto Device Detection and One Remote: A single remote control to control all your devices by automatic detection with minimum to zero setup.

Convergence across platforms: Photos, videos and music can easily be shared instantly on the new Smart TVs.

2 Way Bluetooth Audio Streaming: Smartphones can be paired via Bluetooth and heard to on the TV even when TV is in standby mode. Moreover, Home Theatres and Bluetooth speakers can be wirelessly connected to the Smart TVs.

Cric-o-mania Application: All cricket scores can be continuously watched on all channels using an in built live ticker function.

Smart View App with touch pad remote: The new remote control is a touchpad remote with the provision of scrolling through content visible on the television.

Virus Free TV with Extendable Memory: In-built smart security feature ensures no harmful viruses can attack the television. Also, games and apps can be downloaded from Samsung Apps Store and stored on external USB based hard disks.

Integrated Sound Station: Joy Beat models have front firing speakers with tweeters for crisp quality sound.

Pricing and Availability:

Sizes: 123 cm (49 inch) to 223 cm (88 inch)
Prices: Rs. 179000 to Rs. 2399900

Smart TVs
Sizes: 80 cm (32 inch) to 223 cm (88 inch)
Prices: Rs. 34500 to Rs. 703900

Joy Beat TV
Sizes: 80 cm (32 inch) to 123 cm (49 inch)
Prices: Rs. 27900 to Rs. 69500

With an ever increasing market for newer televisions, its good to see a brand like Samsung coming up with a variety of innovations and trying to satisfy the consumer needs to the best of their ability. However, the success of these televisions in the market would largely depend on how good a quality their specified features and specifications can provide to the end user.

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