Indian government planning to increase minimum broadband speeds up to 2 Mbps

Indian government planning to increase minimum broadband speeds up to 2 Mbps
Internet Speeds after FUP limit
The government is reportedly thinking about increasing the mandated minimum broadband speed to 2 Mbps (2 megabits per second) in India. The earlier minimum limit was 512 Kbps (512 kilobits per second) which was set by TRAI in August 2014. This should come as a huge relief for users who run down their 'Fair Usage Policy' bandwidths fairly quickly and then have to deal with bare minimum speeds. A speed of 512 Kbps is not enough to stream video content at high resolution. Moreover, it can take hours and hours to download app updates which have become far larger in size with passing time. And if you don't keep your phones updated, then they start slowing down painfully. So people who hit their respective FUP's suddenly find themselves hanging by the end of a thread and continuously waiting for the next billing cycle to begin before their Internet speeds come back to normal again.

With the advent of 4G technologies, 512 Kbps seems profoundly low and an increase in speed has been on the cards for a long time. Though the government has not taken any action as yet, still its a good sign that they have woken up to the cause. 

It remains to be seen whether the discussions would bear fruit in the near future or would the customer agony continue for a while longer. India has supposedly the slowest Internet connection speeds in Asia, standing at 3.5 Mbps average and is globally ranked 114 according to Akamai state of the Internet report for Q1 2016. According to this report, South Korea leads in Asia with an average speed of 29 Mbps. India also has an extremely low global rank of 104 in average peak connection speeds with average peak speeds upto 25.5 Mbps while Singapore leads at 146.9 Mbps. 

People across the country have subscribed to Reliance Jio 90 days preview offer on their 4G enabled devices to get unlimited free data for a period of 3 months from the date of activation. And as per reports and our self-testing, Jio has been offering amazing speeds at many parts of the country but their stability and expansion could only be judged after they launch commercially which does seem a bit far off as of now. If the government does not take any action to increase the minimum broadband speeds currently in running, then we would see many people moving from broadband connections to Reliance Jio and other telcos if they follow suit with their pricing.

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