Indian IoT company Cube26 launches a suite of apps and upgraded smart bulb in India

Indian IoT company Cube26 launches a suite of apps and upgraded smart bulb in India
Cube26, a company that focuses on building innovative IoT devices today launched their new sub brand Reos along with a new smart bulb that can be controlled with your smartphone or tablet. This new brand from Cube26 would emphasize mainly on extending software and hardware capabilities to the consumers thus making them live with a smarter connected lifestyle. The company has launched a suite of smart apps under the Reos brand under the categories Message, Camera and Music which would come to the aid of the consumers using these services in a smarter way. The new smart bulb for the home segment is called as Reos Lite. The company had launched their fist offering, a smart bulb called Iota Lite around an year back and has now built on its expertise to develop this new bulb.

The Reos message app is a smart way to do messaging which utilises collective intelligence from the consumers thereby enabling more relevant messages to take priority over those which are close to spam. The application classifies the messages into three main categories, Main, Notifications and Promo and hence help users to easily find the messages on the basis of priority. The Reos Message app is deeply integrated with Paytm to present bill payment alerts to users some time prior to the payment due dates.

The Reos camera app provides a unique photography experience to users by giving them a large number of editing options like photo filters and beauty filters. The app uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create artistic filters which can modify pictures into various artworks. Other features available in the app include capturing time-lapse and slow motion videos.

The Reos Music app enhances native music player with online video, audio and radio content recognition technology. The inbuilt search engine allows users to find all related data about the songs of their choice. A music equaliser and visualiser further add amazing visual effects to the music that you like to listen to. Song names, artists, titles and lyrics can all be tracked using the Reos Music app.

Finally, the Reos Lite is the latest bulb from Cube26 which upgrades the features of the previous smart bulb that includes new modes, schedules and alerts. You can now adjust the color temperature of the bulb from Cool White to Warm White (2700K to 6500K). It consumes 13W power and has a brightness of 1100 Lumen. Reos Lit has been priced at Rs. 1699 and it is available on Flipkart starting from 31st August, 2016.

These new products and services from Cube26 under the brand name Reos are bound to garner some users on the way and probably amplify the penetration of IoT devices in India which have not become mainstream as yet. The apps are in themselves extremely intuitive and are bound to make your smartphone even more smarter than it currently is. With the evolution of such companies, India is well on its way to stamp its authority in terms of expertise in smart IoT technologies.

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