Samsung expected to be considering a smartphone refurbish program

Samsung is speculated to be considering a smartphone refurbish program

Samsung is supposed to be prepping up a smartphone refurbish program in the US and South Korea. This comes at the heels of a similar program by Apple where the company itself refurbishes the products thereby assuring higher quality than products bought in second hand sale. According to a Reuters report, this Samsung refurbish program could start sometime next year.

The refurbish program would mainly target premium and flagship smartphones rather than mid range or budget ones. The phones used by Samsung for refurbishing would be those carried in by customers who had earlier opted for the brand's one-year upgrade plan. So in essence, this would be a win win situation for Samsung and its customers alike. People who can't afford to buy new phones would be able to have a look at this program and be satisfied that they are buying refurbished or second hand devices from the company itself rather than third party sites.

The pricing is still under speculation and the Reuters report has no mention about how Samsung would discount these refurbished phones. Nothing is finalised as yet but it seems to be a good move by Samsung specially to hook in those people who move over to other more affordable brands when their pockets don't allow them to buy super pricey smartphones from Samsung and a few other brands alike.

So in case you do drool over a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge but do not have the money to purchase one, you will have a better chance of grabbing it for yourself once the refurbish program comes through.

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