The 2017 Apple iPhone would reportedly have no home button

The 2017 Apple iPhone would reportedly have no home button
Representational image - iPhone 6S Plus
The drastic mass popularity of iPhones can be easily gauged from the fact that the whole world has started murmuring about the 2017 models even before the 2016 iPhone has been revealed. That is the kind of brand value Apple has created for itself. Now a new report from Bloomberg suggests that the iPhone that would launch in 2017 would reportedly have no home button. It would be just an entire layer of glass and only time would tell how Apple would implement the home button on such a display. It would be a revolutionary change for the company as well as for the world since all iPhones since the first one launched in 2007 have featured a round home button.

The 2017 iPhone launch is going to be a lot bigger than this year with major design modifications as 2017 marks the 10th anniversary of the first iPhone's launch. Apple is expected to try something spectacular next year to grace the landmark. 

We have already heard speculations about Apple picking up a curved edge screen innovation from Samsung Galaxy Edge series of phones and coming out with a third premier model next year which would boast of the curved edge display. Other rumors around next year's iPhone include inclusion of OLED displays and an outright glass construction. 

For the 2016 iPhone 7, Apple is expected to do away with the mechanical nature of the home button, instead packing in a force sensitive touch ID button which won't actually press. The other possible changes include elimination of the headphone jack, relocation of antenna lines to the edges, probably a dual camera on the larger variant, minimum memory bump to 32 GB and maximum to 256 GB and a host of other minor modifications but no particular transformation of the design that has been repeated since iPhone 6 launched way back in 2014.

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