Your smartphone probably has a lot of Samsung components inside, Samsung holds Mobile Solutions Forum to reiterate

Your smartphone probably has a lot of Samsung components inside, Samsung holds Mobile Solutions Forum to enhance partnerships

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. today held its first Mobile Solutions Forum in India to amalgamate strategic partnerships across the Indian mobile market and provide component solutions covering image sensors, display technologies, memory chips etc. to its brand partners. The forum held in New Delhi, India exhibited some of the latest technologies that the company has been developing in its quest to provide end-to-end B2B solutions to major device providers in the country.

India's smartphone market is an ever-changing, ever-growing and highly diversified one and Samsung has enhanced its portfolio to provide value offerings according to the dynamic sentiment spread across India's smartphone vendors. The event was attended by 200 dignitaries from major telecom providers, portable device manufacturers and camera engineering companies.

Some of the solutions showcased by Samsung include technologies like Dual pixel image sensor for camera modules which allows for speedy auto focus in low light conditions, high-speed and high-density mobile DRAM modules, GreenScaler display driver which saves on power and enables display resolution scaling, Bio-processor health solutions to process bio-signals without the need for extrinsic processing components and VR/Wearable platforms developed with Exynos processors. The company already manufactures and provides components like displays to other big names in the industry like Apple. And moving ahead, Apple would be seeking the services of Samsung itself for the OLED displays that Apple is planning to feature on its iPhone devices launching next year.

We tested some of the VR headset technology during the event and were simply mindblown by the work that the company is doing in terms of immersive 3D VR gaming and augmented reality as a whole. One of the Exynos chipset based VR headset that Samsung is developing would not need to be powered by a smartphone or a PC nor would you need to stick your smartphone inside the headset rather the entire headset would in itself be a processing unit into which you can feed content.

Samsung had a similar Image Sensor Forum last August in New Delhi but has upscaled it this time along with including other mobile component solutions in addition to the image sensors. With a lot of brands participating in the forum and being keenly interested in the development that the tech giant is doing in terms of innovation, Samsung would most definitely strengthen its presence further in the country. The other subsidiary of Samsung, the smartphone division called Samsung Mobile has itself seen tremendous response to the devices it has launched this year, namely Galaxy S7, S7 Edge and Note 7 and now they are marching forward in their device solutions by forging strong relationships with other smartphone brands. Samsung is leaving no stone unturned to be the numero uno device company in the world.

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