Benefits Of Mobile Apps in Business

The latest research by Forrester about Mobile & marketing trends suggests that mobile apps are increasingly becoming popular among startups and small businesses.

According to Comscore, mobile has 65% of digital media time, with mobile app dominating the usage. Another research shows that mobile users are spending 86% of their mobile time on mobile apps.

Just having a website and presence on social media in not sufficient for a business as mobile tech and mobile commerce is growing very fast and outpacing the web.  

Here are a few ways in which mobile apps benefit a business:

Create a Direct Marketing Channel
You can communicate directly with your customers with Push notifications and in-app messages. Mobile apps serve as a new marketing and promotion channel for your business. Apps provide more information on new product launches, any new/ upcoming offers via push notifications in the apps. You can easily update customers about new happenings in the company/ industry, new/ emerging trends and much more. This way you can run a promotion on the mobile app.

Build a Strong Brand
Mobile apps help you build a strong brand. One of the most important things a mobile app can help you achieve is to create awareness about your brand. With regular interaction with the app, you are building trust. The more trust your app users have on your brand, the more likely they are able to relate to your brand with the products or services you offer. 

Boost Sales
When a customer trusts your brand, customer satisfaction increases, it helps you to have more sales & profit. According to a report from Salesforce, 70% of buying experiences are influenced by how customers feel they are being treated as. The more interested and pleased people become with your brand and app, the greater is demand. According to Techcrunch, 35.4% of Black Friday sales in 2015 were completed on mobile devices, which clearly shows that shoppers are leaning towards mobile commerce. 

Mobile Payments
There are many benefits of accepting mobile payments. Your customer can directly pay you within the mobile app for your offerings. Regardless of what you sell, accepting payments within the mobile app can improve conversion rate. 

Mobile Device Features
Mobile apps have the advantage of inbuilt features like camera, Bluetooth, GPS, contacts etc. These features make the app more interactive and fun to use. These features can reduce the time taken by a mobile app user to perform a specific task in the app. 

Cool Factor
Mobile App adds a cool factor for your business. Your customer can find your app on App store/PlayStore and is able to see your products, offerings, services, requests etc. from their mobile phones. Don’t forget that kids are learning app development in school. Today, younger generation use technology more than millennials. Mobile app adds a cool factor to your business.

Personalized Experience
You can get analytics of how customers are actually using your app and what are their likes and dislikes. You can show them the information which they like. A mobile app can easily collect user behavior data for your business and serve personalized info to the app users. An app can give you data like demographic details, user age group, demographic data etc. 

User spends more time on Apps
Mobile user spends 86% of their time on mobile apps and just 14% on the mobile website. 

Benefits For Mobile Apps in Business

Moreover, average time spent on the mobile app is increasing very quickly. It has increased by 21% over the last year and this trend should continue to grow in next few years. 

The mobile app has the ability to provide value to customers and can solve biggest problems in the organization. Whether you are looking to improve productivity, improve sales, do brand building, increase collaboration, a mobile app can do everything you can imagine to improve an overall business process.

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Gaurav Kanabar is the Director of Alphanso Tech, a globally acknowledged IT consulting company providing the services in the arena of the iPhone App Development. With the immense support from the adroit team, Alphanso Tech has been serving a huge client base worldwide.

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