Hike Messenger updates its app with three new cool features, Stories, Camera and Live Filters

Hike Messenger updates its app with three new cool features, Stories, Camera and Live Filters

India's first homebred messaging platform Hike Messenger has today rolled out 3 new big features Stories, Camera and Live Filters for its Indian users. Stories is a brand new way for users to share their experiences using photographs. Hike believes Indian users rely a lot on sight and sound to relay their experiences and with increasing data bandwidths and reliance on 4G connections, people would start posting all the more photos. These stories would vanish 24 hours after being posted and every user posting a story would know the number of views as well as the people who have viewed these pictures.

Another feature Hike launched today was an inbuilt camera in the Hike app which would make it easier to click pictures right inside the app thereby saving users a lot of time. Moreover, these pictures can then be overlaid with Live Filters to enhance with various effects to decorate the faces. Live Filters use Machine Learning and is based on working over the pixels captured with the camera right after clicking a photo. Currently, Hike has 12 Live Filters, right from cool sunglasses to celebrity facial overlays including the one for the masses these days, the face of Indian Prime Minister Mr. Modi. Hike promises to update these filters weekly.

Hike earlier used a Timeline instead of Stories, where people could like or love a picture, but according to the officials, this made people apprehensive of losing their followers due to which they have now moved to views. However, the three new features have a lot of uncanny resemblance to Instagram Stories as well as Snapchat filters.

The three new features on Hike, namely Stories, Camera and Live Filters are now available on Android and iOS Hike updates.

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