6 reasons why you should buy OnePlus 5 over iPhone 7 Plus

6 reasons why you should buy OnePlus 5 over iPhone 7 Plus

The very recently launched OnePlus 5 and the nine month old iPhone 7 Plus are both wonderful smartphones in their own regard. While the iPhone 7 Plus builds on and carries the legacy of the world's largest technology company, OnePlus 5 is a product from a company that is still new and trying to ingrain the quality of their devices in consumer's minds. Though both the phones are comparable in most regards, there are certain subtle differences between the two that would let you choose one over the other. Today we are looking at 6 reasons why you should opt for a OnePlus 5 over an iPhone 7 Plus. 

1. Design

This one is an easy choice. Apple's iPhone 7 Plus suffers from carrying over the design language that is more than 3 years or 3 generations old. Though they have made certain changes like shifting antenna bands around the outline and coming out with some beautiful bold colors, the form factor, design and thickness all exude a sense of obsolescence about the design of the device. Whereas OnePlus 5 looks fresh. Right from the 7.25 mm thin profile to the tapered edges at the back, the OnePlus 5 design radiates more confidence and more modernism. The phone has a wonderful grip, is extremely lightweight and seems to have placed the buttons perfectly. Add to it, the top notch covers provided by the company itself and OnePlus 5 beats iPhone 7 Plus hands down in this department.

2.  Fast charging through Dash charge

The availability of Dash charging in OnePlus 5 makes the 7 Plus seem like an ancient device. The OnePlus 5 Dash charger is tremendous. It charges the device up to 90% in just more than an hour and completely charges it up in around 1.5 hours. And do you really want to know the amount of time taken by iPhone? The iPhone 7 Plus unit that we have takes around 3.5 hours to fully recharge from 0 to 100%, which is a crazy long time for a flagship in this time and age. The single factor of fast charging through Dash charge capability can be a make or break buy decision for many potential customers.

6 reasons why you should buy OnePlus 5 over iPhone 7 Plus

3. Performance

This is where the competition heats up a little. The iPhone, with its in house processor, the A10 Fusion coupled with 3 GB RAM is an extremely fast device and may be setting the benchmarks on fire. However, in real world usage you'll find that the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 and 8 GB RAM equipped OnePlus 5 is slightly smoother. The apps on OnePlus 5 are ever ready for usage while on the 7 Plus, many apps keep showcasing the app logo and cover art before actually loading the app in a bit to cover the annoying lapses. Though the difference isn't large, yet its significant enough to be able to call OnePlus 5 a better performing device than iPhone 7 Plus. And the fingerprint sensor on OnePlus 5 shines even further, it does not let your eye blink for a moment before the home screen appears while the TouchID on the iPhone has some catching up to do in this regard as well.

4. Availability of in-house Dash car charger

Though this one isn't a major advantage of the OnePlus 5, yet we are adding it to this list. OnePlus manufactures in-house Dash car chargers for its smartphones whereas Apple has outsourced the job to various OEMs. Apple grants "MFi" or Made for iPhone certification to products after certain quality checks and recommends using those but does not manufacture car chargers themselves. However, the availability of a car charger made by the company that manufactures the smartphone too emanates a feeling of confidence amongst users. We feel this factor too makes OnePlus 5 outshine the iPhone 7 Plus.

5. Dark theme

Though we have been hearing it for quite a long while, Apple has still not been able to implement a dark theme or dark mode in its operating system and hasn't even announced it for the upcoming iOS 11. However, OnePlus 5 has the dark theme built right into the settings and it makes the user interface look utterly beautiful, let alone providing the benefits of a slightly longer battery life. Though Apple knows that the provision of a confusingly ugly dark mode can be counterproductive or detrimental to the iPhone's sales, yet we do feel that its high time a dark mode is envisioned in their smartphones. OnePlus 5 has again taken a lead over iPhone 7 Plus in terms of a dark theme.

6 reasons why you should buy OnePlus 5 over iPhone 7 Plus

6. Price

This one ends up being a no-brainer. The top end variant of OnePlus 5 is almost half the inaugural price of bottom end iPhone 7 Plus. Though iPhone prices have seen a sharp decline since the launch, the OnePlus 5 still manages to be a far more inexpensive offering. Moreover, what you end up paying for the entire package does not seem to justify the difference in the price. You are getting a much more sweeter deal in terms of specifications and features in case you invest in a OnePlus 5. 

These were our top 6 reasons which we think should incline you towards investing in a OnePlus 5 more than an iPhone 7 Plus. However, you may digress from our opinion. And in case you do so, do let us know in the comments below.

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