Ambiguous video showing Xiaomi Mi 6 being unlocked with on-screen fingerprint sensor surfaces online

A couple of days back we posted about how Vivo might be the first brand to ship an on-screen fingerprint sensor as per a video posted on Weibo. Now as per a report on, another video has been posted on LeTV revealing a Xiaomi Mi 6 getting unlocked using fingerprint by pressing on the display. 

Since Mi 6 has a fingerprint sensor on the home key below the display, this makes it ambiguous how he managed to unlock the phone by pressing on the display rather than using the fingerprint sensor on the home key.

As per the report, the user might have used a custom ROM or custom theme to change the "hold down/press to unlock phone" message on the phone as Mi 6 for sure does not have a fingerprint scanner under the display. So he might be doing nothing more than confusing the viewers. He seems to have used some software trick to make it seem so.

Other than Vivo, Samsung was planning to bring an on-screen fingerprint sensor in S8 and S8+ but ran into mass production issues so pulled off the plan.

And as per rumors, Apple has been able to refine the technology as well as managed to overcome operational difficulties to get this technology into the upcoming 10th anniversary edition of the iPhone.

Whatever it be, we are completely certain that the technology would become mainstream before the end of the year. And if brands can pull it off intuitively, then we might see the on-screen fingerprint display becoming a mainstay feature of all smartphones in the near future, right from medium rangers to high end premium phones.

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