Beautiful sunrise images captured by OnePlus 5 shared by CEO Pete Lau

Beautiful sunrise images captured by OnePlus 5 shared by CEO Pete Lau

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has shared a number of photo samples taken by the OnePlus 5 on Weibo. These beautiful pictures of sunrise don't have any metadata though. Its believed that the upcoming smartphone would have dual rear cameras both supporting a resolution of 16 Megapixels.

A number of samples have been shared on social media earlier as well. Some of them showed the shallow depth of field or bokeh effect of background blur while others revealed how the OnePlus 5 camera would fare in low light conditions and night time photography. Even more samples depicting black and white photography have also been shared on official OnePlus accounts the past few days.

OnePlus has partnered with DxO Mark to bring out the best from its cameras. And the early signals look fancy. The company has still not revealed how it would utilise the dual camera system though. They have not yet disclosed whether the dual lenses would be color plus monochrome combination, regular plus wide angle lens or regular plus telephoto lens.

OnePlus 5 is slated to launch on June 20th globally and on June 22nd in India. It would be sporting a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. The two variants would include 6 GB RAM / 64 GB internal memory and 8 GB RAM /  128 GB internal memory. OnePlus 5 registrations on Chinese website have crossed an unprecedented 400000 in number which clearly seems to show the dynamic anticipation for the new smartphone. Moreover this year, the company has decided to do away with an invite system and sell the OnePlus 5 in an open sale, a move which everyone would surely embrace with both hands.

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