Gtalk sees end of life, users to completely transition over to Hangouts

Gtalk sees end of life, users to completely transition over to Hangouts
Google is finally shutting down its Gchat or Gtalk messaging service and replacing it completely with the Hangouts application. All your chats happening on Gchat over the Gmail window would be transitioned over to Hangouts. The service which was launched in 2005 has finally reached its end of life. The instant messaging service was built right into Gmail and had a more traditional approach towards chatting whereas Hangouts has more bundled features.

Your entire chat contact list will be transitioned over to Hangouts and you would be able to talk to your Gmail contacts even after the transition. 

After June 26th, all Gtalk users will be automatically moved over to Hangouts and Google had sent a number of notifications inviting users to turn to Hangouts before making this announcement.

Hangouts is a feature rich instant messaging application inclusive of features like group video chatting, gif support, inline images support and seamless integration with other Google add-ons. 

However, of late, both Gtalk and Hangouts have been losing ground to other mobile chatting services like Whatsapp, Telegram and Facebook messenger. This step by Google to terminate Gtalk and transition it entirely to Hangouts seems to be a deliberate move on their part to concentrate all their efforts and skilled manpower to a single instant messaging application. This would eventually mean that developers would be able to find more glitches and have more time on hand to bring Hangouts back on par with the more popular messaging applications.

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