OnePlus 3T is already out of stock in Europe and North America

OnePlus 3T is already out of stock in Europe and North America
As per a report on Gizbot, OnePlus 3T has gone out of stock in most countries of Europe and North America. OnePlus has already said that they would discontinue the older models once OnePlus 5 is rolled out. As per the report, the official company website in these places now does not provide a way to interested buyers to purchase these models anymore. 

OnePlus plans to continue the 3T model in India till the end of the year though. This might stem from the fact that the company might wish to give buyers some choice in terms of price points as OnePlus 5 would be a higher specced and a costlier device. The previous models might receive discounts once the new flagship is launched.

The company is launching OnePlus 5 globally on June 20th and in India on June 22nd, after which a drop in prices of the older 3T is pretty imminent. 

The global giant would be holding pop up events for the upcoming OnePlus 5 in various cities across India and around the world the way it did when it launched earlier models. And they are planning to do away with the invite system this time around, which should please many prospective customers. However, some people who might still have been interested in getting a OnePlus 3T would be starkly disappointed with the news of lack of supply.

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