The secret history of iPhone's journey now captured in a new book

The secret history of iPhone's journey now captured in a new book
Apple announced the first iPhone 10 years ago and it basically changed the mobile industry forever. Steve Jobs showed the world what a smartphone without a physical keyboard would be like and that paved the way for a major revolution in the technology arena. The first iPhone simply rewrote the history books forever. 

And now, as people are waiting for the next edition of the iPhone, to celebrate its 10th anniversary, Apple has unveiled a new book describing the phone's journey. The book is titled as "The One Device: The secret history of the iPhone" and it will be available from coming Tuesday. You can pre-order a hardcover version from Amazon for $18.96.

The Verge has published some of the excerpts of the book. It describes the journey of a device that ended up becoming the most revolutionary product of this generation. The iPhone changed the way people perceived smartphones, right from the touchscreen to its state-of-the-art user interface.

The iPhone emerged as a successor to the already famous iPod. The book delves into the reason why the first iTunes phone, the Motorola Rokr was created. The developers wanted a paradigm shift of people's mindset towards using an iPod and that's how the Rokr happened.

The book also reveals how Apple was considering to buy Motorola in 2003 but decided against it as it felt the deal was way too expensive. Jobs was initially not convinced enough to undertake the iPhone development but finally backed the project. And there are no arguments whatsoever if that was a step in the right direction or not. The iPhone as it stands today brings in maximum revenue for Apple of all its products and it has certainly changed the way the world imagines a smartphone.

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