Vivo might be the first smartphone brand to ship an on-screen fingerprint sensor

Vivo might be the first smartphone brand to ship an on-screen fingerprint sensor

All smartphone makers are trying to get a fingerprint sensor under the display. And Chinese phone vendor Vivo seems to have done the trick and has achieved what Samsung couldn't manage with Galaxy S8 and Apple is still rumored to do so. A video showing a Vivo smartphone with an on-screen fingerprint sensor has been leaked and was shared on Weibo. 

The video was first reported by Gizchina. The Weibo video was shared by smartphone analyst Pan Jiutang who said that though Vivo would bring it to the market first, the technology would get matured once Apple brings it out.

Earlier in the year it was reported that Samsung was mulling to bring an on-screen fingerprint sensor in its Galaxy S8 lineup but the theory did not bear fruition. It was believed that Samsung ran into mass production issues and hence did not try to bring the technology into the mainstream. 

The technology seems to have matured enough though for Apple to try in its upcoming iPhone 8. Though these rumors have still not been entirely cemented in place.

The major advantage of a fingerprint sensor embedded under the display is that the size of the display can be increased as the bezels on the top and the bottom can be reduced without a home key. So in essence a much larger screen can be added to a smartphone with a smaller dimensional footprint than it is today. Moreover, fingerprint sensors on the back of a smartphone can be hard to reach and end up eating on intuitive experience of using a smartphone. 

If Vivo can break the operational shackles and can manage to overcome production difficulties to launch a phone with such a technology, then it surely would take these mega brands heads on. Moreover, the brand would also go down in history as being the first one to adopt such technology into their smartphones. However, only time would tell if Vivo could surely pip Apple to the post.

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