Top 5 Trending Healthcare Apps for Patient Engagement

Trending Healthcare Apps

Emergence and implementation of technology in the healthcare industry has made a huge difference in the patient health. Apart from making things easier for the hospitals, doctors and staff, the apps have increased the engagement level of the patients with its transparent approach.

Healthcare consumers are increasingly using technology to manage their health, and from year to year the numbers in stats are only growing from year to year—if talking about mobile, the usage of this channel increased from 36% in 2016 to 46% in 2018. (Source: Accenture 2018) With the rise of smartphones and its increased usage, almost 100% of the population will get access to the changing healthcare industry in a few years. And this will lead to the growth of the healthcare app market. According to a research conducted by Research Dive, the patient centric healthcare app market is projected to reach $57,493 million by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 34.8% from 2019 to 2025.

The revolution in the digital health care has changed the way the hospitals work. It also brings in the potentials to provide improved health outcomes, lesser costs, increased access to healthcare, and reduced splurging of time.
Here is a list of apps built with an aim to redefine the healthcare industry:

1. AirStrip:
A unique mobile application platform, AirStrip offers perfect coordination between multiple devices and care served by healthcare professionals. With the help of a smartphone or a tablet, the data stored in medical devices and monitoring solutions can be retrieved by using this elegant application. AirStrip also has inbuilt hospital mobile app features. Such features help medical professionals to access the information related to the patient and his ailment, add info, and make acute care easier during the post-operation session.

2. CareAware:
CareAware is another amazing product from the house of Cerner which offers a complete mobile solution. This app helps in managing clinical communication with the use of a single device. From multiple teams such as ancillary teams to care-taking staffs, the relevant features of this app is undeniable. The ease of efficient communication through this elegant software is contributing to improve the facilities. This app provides access to patient data such as vitals, allergies, measurements, and medical history to its users.

3. MyChart:
This is one of the most recommended mobile healthcare apps for patients. With the help of this brilliant platform, the patients can access their health-related information such as consultation results, test results, medications, immunizations, and health conditions indications. This platform specially helps to manage and confirm appointments. The patients can also pay their bills via this app and keep track of their healthcare finances.

4. ITriage
ITriage offers a unique step-by-step guidance system helping the patient to get rid of the ailment in the most effective way possible. It can also guide the patient whenever he needs to see a doctor. The appropriate navigation system proves helpful for the patient to reach the required destination. This app also allows the patients to find and review claims. Any information regarding the patient can be stored with absolute security with the help of this application.

5. DSS Inc.
Specially designed for medical professionals, DSS Inc. offers electronic health record focused mobile features. The features DDS offers have proved to be beneficial in managing and providing proper care, and safety to the patient by maintaining even the worst condition. It also offers an official platform with an automated billing system, scheduling, mobile care management, and various other features that hospital needs every day.

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